Structured Data changing Our World: Examples from around the World

In the latest paper issued by CFA Institute, Data and Technology: How Information Is Consumed in the New Age, takes a deep dive into how structured data (i.e., machine readable data) contained in regulatory filings in the form of XBRL (a type of structured data) is being consumed by investors and analysts. XBRL is not only used just for reporting to securities regulators but also used by lenders, tax authorities, and other regulating bodies for analysis. The […]

XBRL Files

Structured data – Small and Midsize business

US House of Representatives Bill HR 5054, Small Company Disclosure Simplification Act of 2018, debated in context of the exemption, if enacted, granted to the emerging growth companies (Newly public companies with revenue below a specified threshold limit) and on temporary basis, certain small companies for the requirement of use of XBRL for SEC filing. Investor Perspective With the availability of Structured data, Investors and Analysts can not only research a greater number of companies […]

Realizing the Potential of Structured Data

Despite its presence and use for several years now, XBRL has not achieved its full potential for either investors or companies in the United States. One reason is that companies continue to see structured data as a compliance and cost burden, and they have shared these views with regulators. Securities regulators worldwide are examining costs and some of what has been learned may be particularly relevant to them. The CFA Institute paper, “The Cost Of […]