XBRL filings

Common Errors in XBRL Filings with the SEC

Canadian firms listed with the SEC are required to file in XBRL. Before beginning with the process, it is useful to consider the kinds of errors that other firms have made in their XBRL filings with SEC. Some errors are more common than others. Sometimes amounts relating to a particular tagging are entered as negative because they are to be deducted in the final presentation. However, the taxonomies usually take this into account. For example, […]

XBRL International

Audit of XBRL Documents – A breakthrough for the Netherlands

For several years, an the question of providing audit reports on XBRL filings has been debated by accountants. There are several issues involved: 1. What exactly should the auditor of the XBRL report opine on? The original financial statements have already been audited and an opinion issued. Should the XBRL report draw upon this report or be completely separate? 2. What about the judgements involved in doing the tagging to prepare the XBRL documents? Should […]